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Helping Little Hall

We print below part of a conversation recently overheard, between a Frustrated Visitor and a Little Hall volunteer struggling hard to calm the said Visitor.

(FV) Why is it that when I get here, you’re often closed when everywhere else is open?

(LH) We’re open every day of the week in the afternoons, 1.00pm to 4.00pm except Mondays when we open in the morning only, 10.00am to 1.00pm     

(FV irritated)  So what’s wrong with the other mornings; maybe you don’t pay your people enough, or they don’t like the job.  Which is it, eh?

(LH)  Well, that’s the whole point.  We don’t pay them anything at all, we’re all volunteers and have been since 1972: the guides, people in the shop, gardeners, the management, collection researchers, the curator; all of us, in fact.  So they must like it or they wouldn’t do it, would they? (gaining confidence) Many of our people stay on for years, we’ve had some who’ve been with us for up to 27 years. 

(FV) Wow! That really is something. So what you’re telling me is that it’s more volunteers you want. For all sorts of different jobs (LH breaking in) Yes indeed, so that even more people can visit and enjoy our wonderful near 650 year old building. You or anyone else can get all the information you need on our website, www.littlehall.org.uk, or pick up a leaflet from Little Hall, Market Place, Lavenham CO10 9QZ

(FV)  That is marvellous, astonishing! So where do I go to sign up? 

Little Hall was home to many families over six centuries from medieval clothiers through to the Gayer Anderson twin brothers who filled it with their collection of antiques and antiquities.

Picture of G-A twins (normal res)Since 1974, generations of volunteers have looked after it and shared its delights with thousands of visitors as the only medieval residential property in Lavenham open to the public.

Today it is the only Lavenham property in Simon Jenkins’ book “England’s 1000 Best Houses” and still retains the atmosphere of a friendly, family home.

If you would like to know how our team of volunteers keeps this ancient building alive and fit for thousands to enjoy every year please contact one of us.

We hope you will be inspired to join us

How might you help Little Hall?

We need help to guide our visitors, in our shop, in the garden, to look after our collections and much more.

Do you like to chat with and help people? 

  • Then it’s probably front of house for you – introducing visitors to the history of the house and its contents, welcoming them in the shop and helping them to choose their souvenirs

Do you enjoy helping to plan and organise behind the scenes?

  • There’s much to be done from gardening, moving furniture to helping with publicity, scheduling, the accounts, special events,

Do you want something to do from home using your computer as and when you can?

  • Then we have regular tasks, occasional ones, big ones, small ones, from surfing the web to maintaining email contacts, updating social media, historical research, writing publicity material, newsletters, book-keeping, data entry.  

Whatever your interests, there’s a role for you and a friendly team waiting to welcome you.

If you would like to find out more and join our team of volunteers who keep this ancient building alive, please call into the house when we are open, contact us on recruit@littlehall.org.uk or download this form