The House and Garden
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Step inside Little Hall, one of the oldest timberframed buildings in the best preserved of the Suffolk wool towns. Its history mirrors the changing fortunes of Lavenham.

Built in the 1390s for the Causton family of clothiers, enlarged and improved in 1425-50, it was then ‘modernised’ in Tudor times by the addition of a fireplace and upper floor in the hall.

Picture the austerity of this 14th Century house when the Caustons first lived in it and contrast the starkness of the Middle Ages with the beautiful furnishings and artefacts in the house today.

Wander through the seven rooms and discover the treasures of Little Hall including the study with exotic Persian panels and the spectacular upstairs chamber with its striking crown-post.

The Gayer-Andersons

The Gayer-Anderson twin brothers, soldiers with a shared interest in art and collecting, and themselves talented artists in drawing, painting and sculpture, rescued Little Hall in the 1920-30s.

They restored the house and made it their home, filling it with an eclectic mix of antiques, pictures, books, china and decorative art.

Many of their personal possessions remain in Little Hall while their antiquities were donated to museums worldwide. Robert Gayer-Anderson became an Egyptologist of distinction and was given the title ‘Pasha’. View his brother’s bronze replica of the British Museum’s famous Gayer-Anderson cat representing the goddess Bastet.

Hear from our friendly, informative guides how the brothers bought the house, what they found, what they resolved to do and how they set about it.

And not to be missed...

Walk round the beautiful garden combining a knot-garden planted along Tudor lines with a traditional English walled garden.

Come into a museum that has the atmosphere of a home - the only example of domestic medieval architecture open to the public in the village. Little Hall is an essential part of your visit to Lavenham.