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Text Box: Find us in the centre of Lavenham
12 miles SE of Bury St Edmunds: A134 - A1141
23 miles NW of Colchester A12 - B1070 - A1141
19 miles W of Ipswich A1071-A1141

The car parks are free. Cars may drop passengers in the Market Place and may find parking space there.

The Coach park is 800m away with an interesting walk between but closer drop-off is possible.  Coaches will not be able to negotiate the tight turns but can unload in the High Street.

The house, being old, has uneven floors, changes of level, narrow stairs and low beams. Visitors are recommended to be vigilant. Those who find the stairs impossible may see part of the upstairs on our CCTV and have an individual commentary from the guide. Wheelchair access is difficult, but we have in the past been able to give limited access to users of small or folding chairs.

There are many cafés, inns and first-rate restaurants in Lavenham. Sandwiches and drinks are available in several shops. There is a picnic and play area at the bottom of Water Street.