Families 24 Aug 2016
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Children and Family Day at Little Hall Lavenham

Bastet and her cat friends welcomed children and families to LH on a sizzling hot day in August. The event was inspired by ‘Summer in Suffolk Museums’ encouraging visits to museums all over Suffolk and bringing history alive to all ages.

By all accounts it was a great success! The beautiful garden provided a perfect setting for picnics and for storytelling.

Children aged from 2 ˝ to 11 were able to meet Bastet and search for her friends although some of the cats and their kittens were quite shy. Fuddlewuddle kitty was a bit in a muddle and bashful kitty hid behind a cushion but the children were very quiet so as not to frighten them away.

Cat masks were made, stories were told and children found out how cats were sacred in Ancient Egypt. They got rid of vermin including mice and rats and indeed the penalty for harming a cat was death.

Bastet was worshipped as a God. She was the symbol of healing and protection. Major Gayer-Anderson found a bronze statue representation of Bastet when he lived in Egypt and brought it back with him to Lavenham. His brother produced two replicas of the statue one of which is in the Gayer Anderson Museum in Cairo and the other lives at Little Hall. The actual statue was donated to the British Museum.