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Little Hall welcomes and encourages families 

This season we are introducing activity packs for families to use with their children.

The older children are invited to look for objects throughout the house to match the set of photographs provided. There is a sheet that can be filled in. They can also choose an object and draw it if they wish. A variety of art materials are provided.

The younger children are asked to find all the cats that are hiding (jelly cats). They have a picture sheet with them to fill in. They too are invited to draw a picture if they wish and age-appropriate materials are provided.

The packs are in bags hanging in the shop. Three are for older children (approximately 7 +) and three are for younger children (7 and under).

Children can help themselves to a bag. All the instructions and materials are in the bag. The children should check the contents of the bag at the end of the trail and put it back. There is no charge for using a pack.

At the end of their visit children can give their drawing to the shop or they can take it home. All children can take a gift.

This is a new initiative and we would very much welcome any feedback on these materials so that we can develop them further and increase the pleasure of visiting Little Hall for everyone, whatever their age.

If you have any queries please contact or the usual points of contact

We had a special Families Day on Wednesday 24th August and you can see some pictures of this here.  If you want to hear about similar future events email to or phone 01473 823503.