29 Mar 2010
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29th March 2010 Commemorating Eve Ranzetta with the unveiling of the new sign at Little Hall

The new signage on the exterior of Little Hall Museum is dedicated to Eve Ranzetta who was chair of the Management Committee and died suddenly in August 2008.
A short ceremony took place on Monday 29th March when Tony Ranzetta, Eve's widower, unveiled the main sign which includes these words: "This sign is dedicated to the memory of Eve Ranzetta who wanted people to know about the house and its contents".
Martin Lightfoot, left, is chairman of the Suffolk Building Preservation Trust which is responsible for Little Hall.
As a Deacon of the Roman Catholic church, Tony Ranzetta then blessed the sign.
Prior to the unveiling the volunteer guides met for a pre-season briefing.  Renée Attew was thanked for her contribution, as retiring chair of the Management Committee.  Several years ago she had been chair and stepped in again to succeed Eve.